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    Melody is a robotic health care helper with a complex form of built-in artificial intelligence that is meant to serve as an aid for doctors when making diagnoses and a first reference for patients who are feeling ill.more info

    Into D'mentia

    A team from Minase Consulting in the Netherlands has created Into D’mentia, a unique interactive simulation of what it’s like to have dementia. more info


    Care and companionship are not the first two things that most of us think of when we think of robots. However, Thai manufacturer CT Asia Robotics is changing that mindset and making a hefty profit doing so. The company’s elder care robot Dinsow is designed to assist older adults in multiple areas of their lives. more info


    Hitachi has developed a robotic self-driving car that is able to navigate autonomously through the help of lasers, GPS, and cameras.more info