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  • Feb 01, 2017
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Dinsow: The Elder Care Robot that Could

 Dinsow: The Elder Care Robot that Could


Care and companionship are not the first two things that most of us think of when we think of robots. However, Thai manufacturer CT Asia Robotics is changing that mindset and making a hefty profit doing so. The company’s elder care robot Dinsow is designed to assist older adults in multiple areas of their lives. Dinsow can keep track of an older person’s pills and help with health care related issues but it has other practical uses as well. Dinsow can set up video chatting with family for people who may have a hard time doing it themselves. It also has a karaoke feature meant to amuse and entertain its owners.

A companion for seniors, this sophisticated device doesn’t come cheap. Dinsow sells for almost $2500(USD) but this high price point hasn’t hurt sales. By the end of 2016 fifteen percent of Thailand’s population will be over the retirement age of 60. By 2020 that number will jump to 20 percent. CT Robots reports that wealthy consumers are comfortable spending top dollar on a robotic companion like Dinsow if they think they’re helping increase their older relative’s quality of life.

Launched in 2015, the latest Dinsow model, Dinsow Mini, is small so that it can be placed by the side of bedridden patients.

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