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Interview with Barbara Beskind
  • Jan 01, 2017
  • AARP

Interview with Barbara Beskind

Meet Barbara Beskind, a 93-year-old designer who uses age to her advantage by inventing products that improve the quality of life for older people.

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    • Jan 17, 2019

    India-based Empowerji teaches seniors about how to use apps, websites

    Empowerji is multi-lingual learning app for senior citizens, focused on guiding them through the latest tech. It's designed for keeping seniors in mind and uses the audio-visual medium to simplify the use of mobile apps, sites and other technology. Launched in Dec. 2018, Empowerji's model is based on a freemium model with a subscription service and is free for most of the tech learning content. In its current form, the app is available in Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati. On every screen, there is a voice guidance option explaining what the user can do with the screen and also a video demo of how to use the app. more info

    • Jan 16, 2019

    Australia provides over $10M in additional funding for seniors living at home

    The federal minister for senior Australians and aged care revealed a $10.8-million funding boost intended to help elderly Australians living in their own homes to do so for longer. It means many more people will be able to live safely at home and in the community they feel comfortable in, said the minister. The government said the funding will allow Commonwealth Home Support Program providers to complete thousands of home modifications for older Aussies, including the installation of access ramps around the house, grab rails in the shower and hand rails next to steps. more info

    • Jan 16, 2019

    Senior catwalk models in China breaking age stereotypes

    The graying population in China, combined with rising incomes and living standards, means an increase in consumption by China's elderly is forecast for the the coming decades. Once expected to selflessly stay home and mind the grandchildren, seniors have become a coveted market for products like clothing, fashion accessories, cosmetics and travel, according to consumer research firm Mintel. Portraying older models enjoying an active, youthful lifestyle in a culture with a strong tradition of respect and deference toward elders, is what sells, says 52-year-old model Liu Wei. more info

    • Jan 16, 2019

    IFA announces webinar to address human rights of older persons, sustainable development goals

    The Human Rights of Older Persons and Agenda 2030 webinar is the first in a series. It will address key areas for implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure the International Federation on Ageing fulfills its mandate for older persons. The webinar is scheduled for Jan. 29, 2019, at noon EST. Presenters include:

    • Erica Dhar, Director of Global Alliances at AARP;
    • Ken Bluestone, Head of Policy and Influencing at Age International;
    • Cynthia Stuen, IFA Representative at the U.N. in New York; and
    • Frances Zainoeddin, IFA Representative at the U.N. in New York.
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    • Jan 15, 2019

    Canadian poll finds majority would be financially burdened to provide compassionate care for three months

    A poll by RBC Insurance suggests only one-in-three workers would feel comfortable with a loss of income should they become the primary caregiver for a sick loved one for a three-month period. The insurer notes about 20% of respondents took time off work to provide comfort and support to a critically ill family member. The poll coincides with the promotion of RBC Insurance's Family Compassionate Care Rider, which is an add-on for some disability plans. more info

    • Jan 15, 2019

    Irish community provides tablets to seniors to combat social isolation

    Limerick City and County Council in Ireland announced a project with funding from the Department of Community and Rural Affairs to combat social isolation by providing older citizens with tablets. This covers the cost of the tablet, including SIM card and technical back-up for the duration of the trial. The project is being delivered in partnership with Cliffrun Media through Age Friendly Limerick. More than 30 older people across the county were provided with the special tablets. The Acorn tablet is tailored to meet the needs of senior citizens in a closed secure network, with the design based around five content and application areas: health, finance, independence, communications and security. Remote technical assistance is also available, if needed. more info

    • Jan 15, 2019

    Instagram project aims to change perception of elderly Russian women selling hand-knitted wares on street corners

    The @russiangrannies Instagram account provides a space for Russian knitters between the ages 55 and 87 to sell their goods. With more than 5,000 people following the project's Instagram account, some knitters can earn between $450 and $1,000. The average monthly pension in Russia is about $200.   more info

    • Jan 15, 2019

    Chinese authorities arrest 36 alleged fraudsters who target middle-aged, elderly

    Chinese police accused the suspects of luring victims into joining fake poverty-reduction foundations and science projects with forged official documents and stamps. According to Chen Shiqu, deputy director of the criminal investigation bureau under the MPS, the fraud rings specifically targeted their victims, most of whom were middle-aged and elderly people, by setting up group chats on popular messaging platforms such as WeChat and posting false information. Chen warned the public to watch for false information posted on the Internet and in apps. While the police didn't reveal how much money was taken from victims, over $400,000 was frozen in accounts linked to the cases. more info

    • Jan 15, 2019

    U.K. government policy will have 'devastating impact' on pensioner's income: Age UK

    Commencing May 15, 2019, 'mixed age couples,' where one partner is of working age and the other is above State Pension age, will no longer be entitled to put in a new claim for Pension Credit. Age UK is warning this could leave some of the poorest pensioners paying a large price for having a younger partner, with mixed age couples potentially losing out on around $9,000 per year. The group is warning the policy change effectively means many pensioners might find themselves in the position of being better off financially if they live apart from their partner. more info

    • Jan 15, 2019

    Elderly Chinese embrace digital tech

    According to Si Xiao, head of the Tencent Research Institute, the growth in popularity of digital technology among the elderly can be attributed to apps catering to their needs. WeChat, the most popular social media app in China, reported having 61 million users aged between 55 and 70 as of Sept. 2018. Alibaba's Taobao and Tmall, two of the biggest e-commerce sites, reported having about 30 million middle-aged and elderly online shoppers.
    Smartphone app caters to needs of dancing aunties -
    How apps help seniors with better mobility, safety, and quality of life - Yahoo! News more info


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