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    • Dec 28, 2019

    South Korea program nurtures female seniors to be storytellers

    As a means to foster communication between generations and enhance social participation on the part of the elderly, The Korean Studies Institute added a storytelling granny program in 2009 to train female seniors to tell tales to kindergarteners. Over 4,500 women across the country were officially trained to tell traditional Korean folktales through the program. The number is still increasing to meet the demand of kindergartens. The grannies are paid for the service, but they say the experience was more about meeting children and telling them stories than earning extra money. more info

    • Dec 28, 2019

    European labor experts recommend greater flexibility, incentives for employers to hire workers 55+

    According to Katarina Murto, director for collective bargaining and representation with STTK, and Helsinki University labor professor Vesa Vihriälä, governments should concentrate their efforts on employing the over-55 years of age demographic longer. They say this is an untapped employment market and countries in Europe should aim for a 75% employment rate for them by the end of 2023. Vihriälä adds governments should eliminate mandatory retirement ages, creating greater flexibility among both employers and employees on determining when it's best to retire. He also believes governments should increase the time older workers can collect unemployment insurance, so they may find more suitable employment in their later years. more info

    • Dec 26, 2019

    Older, risk-averse business owners less likely to sell, will weigh on Europe's economy later

    A wave of restructuring and consolidation by Baby Boomers could provide a jolt to companies that are skilled at surviving without innovating, investing or growing, says Kris Boschmans, a policy analyst at the OECD. Europe's older entrepreneurs face the decision of whether to stay at the helm or hand over their companies through a sale or merger or by bringing in outside investors. If aging owners opt for change, he adds, it could boost productivity in Europe's small-business sector. However, the choices these older business owners make are based on risk-aversion, which often makes them stay with their companies well into their 70s and beyond, says Boschmans. more info

    • Dec 26, 2019

    Increase in single-person households has elderly women in Japan preferring prison

    Some elderly in Japan are finding they can get care and camaraderie in prison that they are lacking outside incarceration. One factor behind the rise in offenses by elderly women is an increase in single-person households. More than four million elderly women are living alone in Japan, twice the number for elderly men. This is expected to increase due to the longer life spans of women and rise in divorced or unmarried women. Among crimes committed by women aged 70 years or older, shoplifting makes up 82.5% and with baggage stealing included, the number rises to more than 90% being thefts. more info

    • Dec 26, 2019

    Returning to school for further study, cultural enrichment increasing among China's seniors

    Although an increasing number of seniors are enrolling in colleges as a means of self-fulfillment, many remain the primary caregivers of their grandchildren, whose parents have busy work schedules. Parenting education and positive discipline courses for children are growing subjects in China among older adults, says psychological consultant Liu Yanping. Further, the government's medium- and long-term plan for responding to the aging population includes improving the effective supply of labor in an aging society and establishing a lifelong learning system for seniors. more info

    • Dec 25, 2019

    South Korean High Court rules taxi companies may determine if employees are too unwell to drive taxi

    Amid increasing traffic accidents by the elderly, it's acceptable for a taxi company to automatically give an elderly driver a low rating on their health condition in a professional evaluation, says the Seoul High Court. The case stems from a taxi company's dismissal of a 66-year-old driver. The company evaluated its drivers every year and renewed contracts with drivers who obtained more than 70 points out of 100. Of the evaluation criteria, health accounts for 20 of the total 100. The company automatically deducts 10 points for drivers aged 65 years or over. Both local and high courts ruled such a deduction was proper. more info

    • Dec 24, 2019

    Copenhagen-based nonprofit which carries seniors about on bikes is seeing global growth

    Knowing the challenges that come with limited mobility in old age, and thinking about how deeply ingrained cycling is in Copenhagen's culture, Ole Kassow began piloting seniors from a nursing home around the city. When he would return, the facility's staff were amazed at the senior's energizing reaction to the ride, says Kassow. These volunteer rides grew into the nonprofit Cycling Without Age. The organization partners with nursing homes and senior care facilities around the world. The primary goal of the program is to improve the lives of seniors by getting them outside and back into the community, giving them a greater "sense of belonging." The organization currently operates chapters in more than 45 countries. more info

    • Dec 24, 2019

    Dutch supermarket tackles loneliness among elderly

    A supermarket in the Netherlands is tackling the growth in loneliness among the elderly with a coffee corner. The space allows seniors to take a short rest as they do their shopping. The grocery store promotes slowing the pace, with staff trained to help clients reduce the stresses of grocery shopping. Further, the store offers a "Chatter Checkout," which allows people to take their time to process their payment. It's been so successful, says the store's manager, that it's expected to be introduced in all 60 of the store's outlets.
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