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    • Dec 12, 2019

    Many older adults in global advertising industry experience ageism

    In the advertising industry, ageism practices remains an issue. According to industry experts, fewer people rise to the top while others burn out and get let go. The IFA stresses the world needs experienced and creative older adults in the advertising industry. To do so, brands need to achieve balance, by not only targeting a younger audience, but also older consumers.  The IFA partnered with WHO to host a series of webinars around age-friendly environments and how to tackle ageism. more info

    • Dec 12, 2019

    Korean seniors work longest, but many live in poverty

    According to the South Korean statistics agency, Koreans' life expectancy stood at 82.4 years as of 2016, ranking 10th among 36 OECD countries. The life expectancy was up 20.1 years since 1970 while the average life expectancy of OECD countries increased by 10.5 years during the same period. Furthermore, the ratio of senior citizens participating in economic activities ranked first or second among OECD member countries. In particular, the economic activity participation rate among Korean senior citizens aged 70 to 74 years was 35.3%, more than double the OECD average of 16.2%. Meanwhile, the poverty rate among seniors stood at 43.8%, an overwhelming number among OECD countries. South Korea also ranked first among OECD member states for its elderly suicide rate.
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    • Dec 11, 2019

    Older adults in Australia increasingly turn to car share services as ownership seen as unnecessary expense

    Car sharing service, GoGet, revealed a 43% increase in Victoria, Australia in 2019 in the use of its services by seniors hard-pressed by the expense of continuing to operate a private car. According to Justin Passaportis, GoGet General Manager Victoria, vehicles are the second most expensive asset after a home. For an asset that's unused most of the time it's an expense many seniors are looking to shed when they retire. Services like GoGet offer an alternative to vehicle ownership, and Passaportis expects the trend to continue given the growth in the aging population. more info

    • Dec 11, 2019

    China recruits geriatric experts to address challenges of population aging

    The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the recruitment of experts in geriatrics to improve care services as part of the plan to address the challenges of population aging in the country. The ministry will form a group of experts to design policies related to regulations, construction of facilities, personnel training, investments and financing of projects destined to caring for older adults. Among other issues, the government revealed plans that encourage the application of technology in caring for the elderly and includes actions to promote a social environment where older adults are respected, cared for, live happily and have their rights respected. more info

    • Dec 11, 2019

    Minimum retirement age in France will remain 62, but people must work until 64 to obtain full pension

    The pension changes in France will start being implemented for workers entering the labor market in 2022, which is the final year of President Emmanuel Macron's current term. More stringent changes were initially proposed, however they've been delayed following seven consecutive days of transport worker strikes and after hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through French cities. The government is hoping the revised plan might calm tensions.  more info

    • Dec 10, 2019

    Survey: One in 10 elderly internet-savvy Dutch don't use online banking because they believe it's unsafe

    Almost half the respondents in the bank survey said they thought internet banking was unsafe and over half said they couldn't be persuaded to start even when help was offered. Cash is still important to the elderly, said ANBO director Liane den Haan, adding the survey results show closing too many service points is endangering the availability of cash that the elderly depend on. Almost all respondents said they think the possibility to pay cash should always be an option. more info

    • Dec 10, 2019

    Indonesian trade association proposes special visa program for senior travelers, retirees

    The Indonesian Hotels and Restaurants Association (PHRI) is urging the government to establish a special visa system providing preferential treatment to elderly travelers to promote the development of retirement resorts within the country. At its national gathering on Feb. 8, 2020, PHRI will review president Joko Widodo's signature free-visa policy for the nationals of 174 countries. The association's members are expected to select some of those countries which they deem premium and deserving of the special treatment visa. Germany and the Netherlands have historical ties with the country and will likely be selected, said Hariyanna Ashadi, PHRI's managing director, adding Japan will also be among them.The development of retirement resorts is aligned with the president's recent mission to attract more premium tourists to the country. However, the industry still has much work to do to ensure it can provide premium services and facilities for the elderly tourists staying in such communities for long periods of time, concludes Ashadi. more info

    • Dec 10, 2019

    Uber provides free rides to U.K. elderly headed to voting stations

    Uber is offering free return trips worth around $13 in partnership with charities in seven cities across the country. The campaign includes wheelchair accessible Uber Access cabs and Uber Assist for less mobile people who don't use a wheelchair. Minimum Uber fares are roughly $6.50. It comes at a time when the firm is battling over its license with the mayor of London. The program covers return journeys between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. on Dec. 12 in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool and Brighton. The charities include Whizz-Kidz, Transport for All and Scope, who will provide applicants with a special code to access the free journey. more info

    • Dec 10, 2019

    BCCPA white paper examines continuing care hubs for seniors health

    A report from the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) explains how continuing care hubs would integrate health professionals and family caregivers into seniors care. The current long-term care model offers 24/7 professional supervision and care at 300 homes in B.C. The association says there should be opportunities to establish formal networks to expand services and identifies four potential models:

    1. Integrated home and long-term care;
    2. Enhanced specialized services;
    3. Enhanced community health services; and
    4. Community non-medical services.
    more info

    • Dec 10, 2019

    Australian royal commission on aged care recommends sector be redesigned

    Chief Advocate for National Seniors Australia, Ian Henschke, says it's encouraging that the royal commission into the aged care sector is advocating for the entire system "to be redesigned," not simply patched up. Henschke adds the system is "fundamentally broken" and many issues are structural in nature. The commission has released a Consultation Paper asking for responses by Jan. 24, 2020. more info


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