Sitech Sp. z o. o.: 2014 AARP Best Employers International Award Recipient

Publish Date: October  16,  2014


Sitech Sp. z o. o.
Industry: Automotive
Location: Polkowice, Poland
Employees: 1,590; Percentage of age 50-plus employees: 4.4 percent

Sitech began operations in 1998 as a joint venture with Volkswagen AG and KWD. Production launched just a year later in a modern plant in Polkowice in Lower Silesia. Professionalism is the main feature that Sitech endeavors to embody. 

The demographic structure is changing in Polkowice as the society ages and the number of employees age 45-plus increases. Employees between the ages of 18 and 44 now account for 93 percent of workers; by 2035, the situation is expected to have changed dramatically and 88 percent of workers will be aged 45–64. Sitech says it is preparing for the upcoming demographic changes by working on age management standards to prevent unemployment among the older population in the district.  

Generation and Talent Management
Sitech actively encourages employee job development at each stage of life through its learning and training initiative. Employee development is planned during an assessment interview when the line manager and the employee define development tasks. The line manager and employee conduct an individual analysis of training needs as the basis for determining job development activities adjusted to the employee’s age, career path, and development priorities.

Health Promotion
Health promotion and protection applies to all Sitech employees, regardless of age. Since 2013, ergonomic assessment of working positions has been performed at Sitech, and action is taken if potential risk to employees is detected. In 2014, with a particular focus on employees age 40+, Sitech began offering free preventive medical checkup packets common diseases and partially subsidizes preventive health measures for diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid problems, breast cancer, and cardiovascular, liver, and vein diseases. Sitech’s on-site clinic offers a variety of medical treatments too. In addition to these programs, Sitech provides a bonus as an incentive for good employee health practices. In March of this year, the bonus was granted to 90.07 percent of employees.