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11/4/2013 AARP 2104 Best Employers International: Application Process
Application process for the BEI 2014
10/8/2013 Claris Companion Tablet Connects Seniors with Families and Caregivers
Claris Healthcare developed a new tablet called the Claris Companion, which allows seniors to surf online safely and communicate easily with their family and health care providers such as doctors and social workers.
Gili Loew, intern, AARP Office of International Affairs-NY Global Innovations
8/9/2013 Giraffplus: Telepresence robot designed for in-home eldercare
The GiraffPlus robot, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework, continuously monitors a patient’s health via a network of sensors placed in the home.
Aleksa Krolls, intern, AARP Office of International Affairs Global Innovations
5/10/2013 App Turns Smartphone into Hearing Aid
With everyone so “plugged in” to technology these days, researchers at the University of Essex of the UK have created an IPhone App that would allow users to turn their smartphone into a hearing aid.
Caroline Mullin Global Innovations
10/10/2012 My First Walker: The Need for Walker Training in Germany and Abroad
Due to the huge success of walker trainings in Duesseldorf and the obvious need of walker trainings in all of Germany an alliance of experts including the German Seniors League and the Norwegian manufacture TOPRO rolled out a nationwide tour of walker trainings.
Global Innovations
2/20/2012 Melding Technology & Traditional Communications Tools to Create a Cutting-Edge Organization
Personalizing content is enabling AARP to meet people where they are and make AARP 100% relevant to them and their lives.
Kevin Donnellan Global Innovations
2/15/2012 Retirement Abroad Tip Sheet
Retirement abroad requires careful planning. Here are some important steps to take before you go.
1/1/2012 International Collaborative ‘Healthbot’ Study
In November 2011, the University of Auckland launched a large-scale study of 31 ‘healthbots’ at Selwyn retirement village in Auckland, New Zealand. This study, which aims to make robots that are helpful assistants for older people and for their caregivers, is part of a unique joint research project between Uniservices of the University of Auckland and the Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute of Korea (ETRI).
Global Innovations
9/1/2010 Interview with Dr. Mohini Giri
In this AARP News Maker interview, Dr. Giri, a pioneer and champion in the cause of human rights and gender justice in India and South Asia, discusses her organization's efforts to safeguard and improve the well-being of older people in India and her recent appointment as chairperson of the Review Committee on India's National Policy of Older Persons.
Dr. Mohini Giri News Makers
9/1/2007 United States: MIT Media Lab Develops Intergenerational, Therapeutic Technologies
When one thinks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, images of cutting edge technologies and tech­niques that transform everyday activities come to mind. One such technology is called 'Hyperscore,' which empowers the user to create and compose music. The only requirements: a computer and an imagination.
Global Innovations
Pages 1 of 1: Items 1 - 10 of 10