Otto Group: 2014 AARP Best Employers International Award Recipient

Publish Date: October  16,  2014

Otto Group
Industry: E-Commerce and Financial Services
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Employees: 26,125; Percentage of age 50-plus employees: 26 percent

Otto Group is an e-commerce and financial services company that owns a series of retail companies, including Crate & Barrel and 3 Suisses. The subsidiaries of Otto Group are individually responsible for maintaining sustainable diversity management. 

Otto Group’s diversity management program, which employs measures to deal with the effects of demographic change and the shortage of skilled professionals, targets four different groups: (1) old and young, (2) women and men, (3) different nationalities, and (4) people with and without handicaps.

Otto Group’s recruitment strategy aims to achieve a balanced distribution of younger employees. There is a program to recruit employees older than 50 so that the number of workers above 50 approximates the number of workers younger than 30. 

Extending Working Years
The Otto Group Senior Experts Consultancy (OGSEC) was established. Since its inception, the services of the OGSEC have been increasingly sought. Otto Group has benefited from broadening its talent management to identify and promote employees with high potential throughout their professional lives. 

Generation and Talent Management
Through its focus on the “old and young,” Otto Group seeks to improve cooperation among younger and older employees, and to implement development opportunities for all employees. Otto Group has instituted a series of programs throughout its subsidiaries to benefit workers older than 50. The Otto Group Diversity Toolbox, available to the entire organization through an intranet portal, compiles the subsidiaries’ diversity activities. The toolbox summarizes best practices, provides an exchange of ideas, and ensures transparency, thereby supporting systematic and sustainability personal diversity management. 

Health Promotion
In-house health management system supports older staff members by making available courses like yoga, stress reduction, and brain fitness.

Generation and Talent Management
As part of the program, senior staff members participate in training workshops that focus on age diversity, management of mixed-age teams, and establishment of work structures adapted to aging staff. Mentoring activities are offered through which older executive staff members and younger staff members can exchange knowledge in those areas.