Global Innovation


New Zealand Offers Clinics in the Cloud

By: Yasemin Yilmaz, intern, AARP Office of International Affairs

Publish Date: March  11,  2013


Product name: Virtual Clinic

Use: Cloud based, secure video conferencing system

Company: Gen-i

Country/ Region: New Zealand

Availability: On the Market



Gen-i, a New Zealand-based IT company that seeks to align business strategies with appropriate technological solutions, has developed a secure, cloud-based video conferencing system that now enables health care providers to connect with each other and their patients called the “Virtual Clinic.” In use in New Zealand since November 2012, the Virtual Clinic promises to be one of the most efficient and secure collaboration schemes for patients and doctors. Significantly reducing the time, energy, and resources spent on traveling Gen-i’s new development has been met with high praise by the users. Phyllis Meier, Project Manager at the Central Cancer Network where the Virtual Clinic has been in use since its debut last year, has remarked that the system not only allows for patients and practitioners to access experts faster, but also fosters the faster dissemination of knowledge and practices.

The developers of the Virtual Clinic emphasize the contribution of their innovation to a health care system that is now faced with many challenges, most important of which are the complexities posed by an ageing population, increasing health problems coupled with a shortage in expertise and limits on funding. Virtual clinic promises to be a viable solution to these dilemmas by enabling experts and patients to come together for meetings in an efficient and cost cutting fashion. Furthermore, because the system is cloud based the costs associated with the initial set up are significantly lower compared to a system that would require hardware expenses. The system is compatible with standards based video-enabled devices, meaning most tablets, laptops, etc. Thus, the virtual clinic allows for patients to meet with their health care providers and experts from the comfort of their own homes, considerably enhancing elderly care.

Speaking at the Virtual Clinic’s launch at HINZ 2012, the company’s Health Sector Lead Jo Ann Jacobson has remarked that putting the patient at the center is one Virtual Clinic’s key contributions to the field.