Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Publish Date: January  23,  2015

Lloyd Russell-Moyle currently is a designated to reprehensive one of the four Organising Partners of the UN Major Group for Children and Youth, which is the space that enables children and young people to take part in UN Sustainable Development negotiations. He was board member and then Vice President of the European Youth Forum between 2011-2014 and currently sits on the board of Children and Youth International and holding organisation for the UN Major Group for Children and Youth. He has followed sustainable Development negotiations since he was 15 at Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development. His academic background is in Peace Studies and is currently working on a part-time Masters in International Law.

He worked for his local municipality youth services and the UK's National Youth Agency, which trains youth workers, and was the Vice Chair of the British Youth Council. He was the chairperson of the Woodcraft Folk, a national non-formal education organizations based around the environmental, solidarity and co-operation. He has run a number of small co-operate businesses and is currently standing for parliament on behalf of the UK Labour Party.