Hana Bank: 2014 AARP Best Employer International Award Recipient


Hana Bank: 2014 AARP Best Employer International Award Recipient

Publish Date: October  16,  2014


Hana Bank
Industry: Financial
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Employees: 9,323; Percentage of age 50-plus employees: 9.64 percent

Hana Bank, originally Korea Investment and Finance Company, was established in July 1991 and has been growing quickly ever since. 

Hana Bank’s Happiness Design Center is a retirement planning and senior marketing division, which partnered with Theater That Sells Memories, Inc. in February 2013 to respond to retirees’ financial needs and create a healthy senior culture through the co-marketing of financial products and services. The theater is the largest senior-exclusive theater in Korea. Movie tickets are only $2 for older adults, who can also enjoy various special events and film festivals. Hana Bank operates a branch office in the theater complex, where it offers financial consultations regarding debit cards and pension accounts. A year ago, Hana Bank supported the launching of the Enriching Memory Café, an age-friendly café for older adults.

Extending Working Years
To retain senior workers, Hana Bank implemented what it calls a “salary peak system.” Employees who are 56 years old may continue to work for 5 more years with a gradual decrease in their salary. The idea is to postpone retirement and allow older workers to continue receiving benefits. Hana Bank also says that its rehiring of retired branch managers permits them to utilize their experience and networking and consultation skills, while expanding the bank’s sales opportunities and enhancing the quality of customer service.

Health Promotion
Hana Bank provides an annual employee health checkup, and the spouses of older employees are also entitled to regular medical exams. Through its Health Management Support System, Hana Bank offers older employees with obesity, high cholesterol, or other medical conditions opportunities to exercise. At the company’s cafeteria, low-sodium and healthy food items are offered and, to further encourage healthy eating habits, calories and sodium levels are indicated for the food served.