Grosser Cleaning and Care Services: 2014 AARP Best Employer International Award Recipient

Publish Date: October  16,  2014


Grosser Cleaning and Care Services
Industry: Care, Domestic Economy, Building Services
Location: Frechen, Germany
Employees: 25; Percentage of age 50-plus employees: 40 percent

Grosser provides domestic cleaning and personal care services for the aging population. The company is committed to addressing the needs associated with aging and to developing an area-wide system of care for needy people as they age. 

Grosser has a sizeable percentage of older employees and notes that age 50-plus workers have significant life experience. Also, aging care clients often prefer that older employees provide them with services.  

Caregiving and Flexible Work
The company works with employees to arrange work schedules around their family’s needs, whether those entail child care or informal care for their relatives. This kind of flexibility in work hours allows employees to navigate changes not only in family circumstances but also in their own health status, without needing to resign from their jobs. Grosser also helps reintegrate long-term unemployed, older employees, creating a bond of trust between employees and the company.

Extending Working Years
Grosser believes it can only be a good provider of services for the aging and needy if it follows its own principles. For that reason, older employees whose physical restrictions become so significant that they can no longer handle cleaning assignments are offered other responsibilities so they may remain a part of the company until retirement. Older workers are assigned projects in consideration of their age and abilities to ensure that they continue to enjoy a productive and satisfying working life.