Google Nutrition Calculator


Google Nutrition Calculator

By: Alyssa Briggs, intern, AARP Office of International Affairs

Publish Date: July  30,  2013


Product name: Google Nutrition Calculator

Use: Look-up Nutrition Information

Company: Google

Country: United States

Availability:  Now Available online and smartphone via google search app



We all know that eating nutritious food is key to a healthy lifestyle, especially as age makes bodies more sensitive to diet. Still, eating healthy can be very challenging. One of the more difficult aspects of eating right is deciding which foods are nutritious and which foods are loaded with sugars and fats. Google has created a user friendly way to look up nutrition facts.

On May 30th, Google launched the most recent update to its search engine that promises to be a go-to tool for anyone trying to eat healthy. The new tool is called a nutrition calculator. The top search result for a food’s nutrition information will be an information panel in the same format as the Nutrition Facts panel required by law on most packaged foods. The format is similar to Google’s math calculator or conversion calculator where the answer to the search query will appear in a box above linked results for other webpages.

Some types of food have nutrition information available based on cooking method. Eggs, for example, can be search by boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, egg yolks, egg whites, or omelets.

The nutrition calculator responds best to generic searches like graham cracker or tomato soup. Searches for a specific brand of food might not yield results. For example, a search for Lays chips did not prompt the nutrition calculator, but a search for potato chips did.

Smart phone or tablet users will also have access to the nutrition calculator either through typing in the search browser or using voice commands with the Google Search app. Examples of possible searches include “nutrition facts banana”, “carbohydrates banana”, or “calories banana”.