Chris Ball

Chief Executive, TAEN - The Age and Employment Network

Publish Date: November  21,  2013

During the seven years in which Chris Ball has been Chief Executive he has developed TAEN’s unique offering as a centre of expertise on age and employment, aligning it closer to the workplace and age management. He has a close interest in issues such as retirement, pensions, flexible working, work design, health and well being and all matters with implications for working in mid and later life. He comments frequently in the media on issues concerning the ageing workforce and the needs of older workers.


Chris's past combines a being a physics teacher, an officer of a large UK white collar union , a freelance journalist and an HR consultant. His experience covers industries such as engineering, pharmaceuticals and the non profit sector. As well as being a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development he is a member of a UK Government agency, the Central Arbitration Committee and of the Employment Experts Group of the European Age Platform, which advises on employment policy issues for the EU.


Chris has masters and a doctorate degrees in industrial relations (both from the London School of Economics and Political Science). Currently he blogs for TAEN, the Huffington Post and several other web sites. As an older worker he runs and cycles frequently and believes passionately in the maxim, "you are as old as you feel and life is what you make it."