Brammertz Carpentry: 2014 AARP Best Employers International Award Recipient

Publish Date: October  16,  2014


Brammertz Carpentry
Industry: Craft
Location: Aachen, Germany
Employees: 26; Percentage of age 50-plus employees: 50 percent

Brammertz, a century-old family carpentry business, is headed by the family’s third and fourth generations. The company faces challenges associated with having a team of employees ranging in age from 20 to 80 years. The firm’s mix of younger and older professionals is known for its enormous technical expertise and high standards of quality. 

Health Promotion
Brammertz believes that health promotion is central to its success. Seminars are held on stress management, nutrition, and back health. Brammertz also provides mental health services.

Brammertz has also installed lifting aids and mobile workstations that make physical labor easier. This helps Brammertz retain workers and their skills into old age. 

Generation and Talent Management
Brammertz believes employees gain new talents with age. They implemented a program to encourage life-long learing too. 

Employees receive regular training to ensure that they feel motivated and that their contributions are valued. In-house training builds on existing knowledge and experience. The company also has a “rotation principle” to avoid stagnation and monotony in the workplace. Believing that a workforce of all ages strengthens the company, Brammertz creates “generation tandems”: working teams comprising a younger and an older employee who work together to combine the strengths of two generations—the professional and life experience of older workers and the fresh knowledge, vigor, and physical strength of younger employees.