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Aisance: A touchscreen for residential care residents in France

Publish Date: October  05,  2012



Product Name: Aisance
Use: A touchscreen for residential care residents in France
Company: Ailyan
Country/Region: France
Availability: In testing phase



Ailyan, a French company specializing in developing technologies for the infirm and disabled, has introduced Aisance, an intuitive touchscreen providing animation and occupational therapy in retirement and nursing homes. Aisance, which means "easy access" is intended to address the needs of residents for socialization and autonomy, as well as enhance their self-esteem. In so doing, it supports health professionals working in these facilities. Aisance has been tested in a number of homes in northern France and "appears already to be a major asset in the services offered by retirement homes," according to a statement by Ailyan.

The ergonomics and software of Aisance have been specially worked to meet the needs of seniors unfamiliar with computers. The interface consists of icons rather than menus composed of words. Aisance was developed over three years by Ailyan in collaboration with the Douai’s Ecole des Mines and the Centre d’Expertise National de Stimulation Cognitive.

Aisance is a therapeutic tool that breaks the isolation of the elderly. An Internet connection permits direct access to email. Aisance is also an entertainment tool through which one can watch TV, surf the Internet, listen to music, watch videos, and much more.

In addition, Aisance offers memory games and cognitive stimulation approved by occupational therapists. The console helps seniors to increase their memory performance and understanding. The idea is to strengthen residents’ preserved faculties in order to enhance their autonomy and allow them to maintain or grow their self-esteem.

Finally, Aisance serves as an animation tool. Home managers with password access can modify the content of the screen by adding photos or videos of events or incorporating a schedule of events, weather forecasts and menus, etc.