AARP International

Bradley Schurman

Bradley Schurman is Director for Global Partnerships and Strategic Engagements at AARP. Among other major accomplishments and roles, Schurman was instrumental in securing the topics of population aging and demographic change as central focus areas at both the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and World Economic Forum (WEF). He has developed original research with the OECD and Foreign Policy Group, led AARP’s global efforts on workplace design and age management, and directed AARP Best Employers International. He is a vocal champion for extending working lives to help drive national economic success and social inclusion, and as a way to extend healthy living and healthy years.

Schurman has been quoted in the New York Times, HuffingtonPost, and USA Today, as well as in local and national media outlets in Brazil, Asia, and Europe. He speaks regularly to thought leaders at forums in Brazil, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Schurman also works with corporations as they look to better understand population shifts and opportunities of the Longevity Economy. He has advised Aegon, MetLife, Cigna, and IBM on their businesses impacted by the aging population.

Schurman has also been involved in multiple AARP-wide initiatives, including Disrupt Aging and the AARP Global Network. Widely regarded as an AARP innovation champion, he is part of a select group leading change internally.

Prior to joining AARP, Schurman worked for LeadingAge – a national association of non-profit long-term care providers – and at the United States Department of State.

Schurman sits on the board of TSTMKRS, a start-up guiding savvy travelers and curious locals to insider experiences and hidden gems in select African countries. He holds an MA and BA from American University’s School of Public Affairs. He lives in Washington, DC with his husband.



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