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Dinsow: The Elder Care Robot that Could

Launched in 2015, the latest Dinsow model, Dinsow Mini, is small so that it can be placed by the side of bedridden patients.



Emiew - Helping Seniors Live Independently

EMIEW3, the humanoid helper robot, is expected to hit the market in 2018.

MiRo: A Biomemtic Companion Robot

MiRo, the biomimetic robot, is designed to use facial recognition technology and will prompt its owner to take medicine, remind him or her of scheduled activities, or to question them if it thinks he or she is in distress.

The Dog that Doesn't Need Walking: Toys Serve as Companions

Through their “Joy for All Ages” line, Hasbro is attempting to reach a consumer base that it doesn’t often market to: senior citizens.

Melody - The App That's a Doctor's Consultant

Melody is a robotic health care helper with a complex form of built-in artificial intelligence that is meant to serve as an aid for doctors when making diagnoses and a first reference for patients who are feeling ill.

Into D’mentia Simulation Aims to Improve Dementia Care Globally

The Into D’mentia experience is centered on a simulation. After an introduction, participants step into a mobile trailer designed to resemble a home kitchen. As participants move about the kitchen, audio and visual technology— including some of the latest developments from the world of gaming—simulate the kinds of difficulties someone with dementia might have.

Ibasho’s Sustainable Communities Help Seniors Redefine Old Age

Based in Washington, DC, but reaching communities around the world, the non-profit organization Ibasho—Japanese for “a place where you can be yourself”—is helping redefine older adults’ roles in their communities by developing socially integrated and sustainable spaces.

Eatwell: Tableware set for people with cognitive impairment

Eatwell, a product designed and conceived by Sha Yao, is tableware that aids people with cognitive impairment. She was inspired by her grandmother diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when she noticed she could no longer care for herself. Thus, in effort to improve her grandmother’s quality of life, she designed tableware that stimulates appetite while minimizing effort of both the individual and the caregiver.

The Jiminy Wicket Project: Connecting Through Croquet

With help from the Denver Alzheimer’s Association and Denver Croquet Club, James started a program called Jiminy Wicket. The program has three goals: Increase awareness. Decrease stigmas, Make people smile

Koureisha Ltd.: Redefining Flexible Retirement Opportunities

A human resources (HR) firm in Japan called Koureisha Ltd.—Japanese for Elderly Inc.—is redefining flexible retirement opportunities for older workers in Japan.

Fujitsu and DoCoMo Release Raku-Raku, Age-Friendly Smartphone

Fujitsu, a Japanese IT equipment and service company, has released a smartphone equipped with user-friendly features for older consumers.

Claris Companion Tablet Connects Seniors with Families and Caregivers

Claris Healthcare developed a new tablet called the Claris Companion, which allows seniors to surf online safely and communicate easily with their family and health care providers such as doctors and social workers.

Giraffplus: Telepresence robot designed for in-home elder care

The GiraffPlus robot, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework, continuously monitors a patient’s health via a network of sensors placed in the home.

Google Nutrition Calculator

Google has launched the most recent update to its search engine that promises to be a go-to tool for anyone trying to eat healthy.

SoS Mobile Watch Doubles as Medical Alert System and Mobile Phone

Australian personal care technology company mCareWatch has developed a new mobile personal device to help meet the challenges of an aging population.

Hitachi Designs Self-Driving Car

Named, ROPITS (Robot for Personal Intelligent Transportation System), this self-driving car has been deemed a “mobility support robot” by Hitachi and is designed for a single passenger.

New App Turns Smartphone into Hearing Aid

With everyone so “plugged in” to technology these days, researchers at the University of Essex of the UK have created an IPhone App that would allow users to turn their smartphone into a hearing aid.

Germany's 'Lisa the Wonderwall' supports independent living

An innovative team of researchers at Germany’s Technische Universität München (TUM), along with partners from the business world, have designed an easy to install wall panel equipped with many special features to help make living at home a little easier for aging adults.

New Zealand Offers Clinics in the Cloud

In use in New Zealand since November 2012, the Virtual Clinic promises to be one of the most efficient and secure collaboration schemes for patients and doctors.

Innovative Arm Chair Offers New Ways to Exercise

A German contract research and development company, The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS), has created a high tech “TV chair” that doesn’t just provide a comfortable place to sit, but also provides a chance to get a workout right from the seat of your chair!

GrandCare System: Partnering with Saga in Move to UK

Saga, the UK’s largest in home care provider, is partnering with the GrandCare Systems to bring an innovative product that aims to give peace of mind to family members of aging seniors to the UK.

Telehealth Services - Manitoba

Telehealth services in manitoba bridge geographical divides and provide remote populations access to primary health care, patient education and surgical pre-admission screening.

My First Walker: The Need for Walker Training in Germany and Abroad

Due to the huge success of walker trainings in Duesseldorf and the obvious need of walker trainings in all of Germany an alliance of experts including the German Seniors League and the Norwegian manufacture TOPRO rolled out a nationwide tour of walker trainings.

Nodding Kabochan: Cognitive Skill Aid Robot

According to the research of Osaka City University, Kabochan can improve the cognitive skills and promote positive mental and physical health of the older population.

Aisance: A touchscreen for residential care residents in France

Ailyan, a French company specializing in developing technologies for the infirm and disabled, has introduced Aisance, an intuitive touchscreen providing animation and occupational therapy in retirement and nursing homes.

Hicare Home Doctor: Tele-health Monitoring Solution

Insung Information, a total IT Infra solution and service company in South Korea, has developed the world’s first VoIP-based touch-screen home-care device called Hicare Home Doctor.

International Collaborative ‘Healthbot’ Study

In November 2011, the University of Auckland launched a large-scale study of 31 ‘healthbots’ at Selwyn retirement village in Auckland, New Zealand. This study, which aims to make robots that are helpful assistants for older people and for their caregivers, is part of a unique joint research project between Uniservices of the University of Auckland and the Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute of Korea (ETRI).

Banking—and More—with a Digital Pen

Anoto Group of Sweden has developed a unique system known as a “digital pen and paper.” Using a special Anoto pen and technology, a person can write words or draw a picture that is then transferred into digital form.

Smart Condo

Researchers from the University of Alberta and Edmonton’s Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital have been collaborating with the help of IBM on a project aimed at studying the habits of the independent living elderly. The ‘Smart Condo’ project enlisted the help of elderly patients, who lived in technologically advanced apartments and where monitored by hundreds of sensors.

United States: MIT Media Lab Develops Intergenerational, Therapeutic Technologies

When one thinks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, images of cutting edge technologies and tech­niques that transform everyday activities come to mind. One such technology is called "Hyperscore," which empowers the user to create and compose music. The only requirements: a computer and an imagination.